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Safe, Comfortable & Connected: the 2018 Honda Odyssey

Passenger safety is always the highest priority when driving with loved ones, which is probably why more Americans turn to the Honda Odyssey when they’re in the market for a minivan. In fact, for the past seven years the Honda Odyssey has reigned as America’s best-selling minivan*, but safety doesn’t have to standalone, a fact the Honda Odyssey makes blatantly clear.

The 2018 model, the fifth generation Odyssey, follows in its predecessors footsteps by providing a safe ride for all on board, plus a whole lot more.

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Are You Ready for Summer Sun?

We avoid nasty sunburns by slathering on sunscreen, so why not show our cars the same type of care? Summer heat can do some pretty wacky things to cars such as dry out the rubber in your tires. When the rubber in your tires is dry, your tires are more susceptible to blowouts, and a tire blowout is never a laughing matter. Moral of the story: Protect your Honda and your passengers and take your Honda in for summer service today. This summer protect your car, as you protect your skin, from the dangers of the hot, hot sun.

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For genuine Honda accessories, stop by the South Bay Honda Parts Center. Shop a wide variety of accessories from t-shirts and ball caps to water bottles and coffee mugs. Stop by today and we’ll take 15% off your purchase with this month’s accessories coupon.

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*Based on Urban Science retail sales data in the minivan segment for 2010-2017CYTD March.