2018 Honda Civic: Connect Phone to Bluetooth, Set Door Locks, Audio Controls and More

Connecting your phone’s Bluetooth to your new Honda Civic is easy. In this short how to video, South Bay Honda Service Team Member Joemar shows you how to connect your phone, set your door locks, configure your audio controls, and more. Check it out!

Set up Bluetooth for iPhone and Android Phones

On your Civic’s touchscreen:

  1. Press Settings
  2. Select phone
  3. Select Bluetooth device list
  4. Select add Bluetooth device
  5. Press continue
  6. On your phone: Press Settings and select Bluetooth
  7. Select phone on your Civic’s touchscreen
  8. Compare numbers and select pair on your phone


Customize 2018 Civic Door Lock Settings

On your Civic’s touchscreen:

  1. Press Settings
  2. Select vehicle
  3. Select Door/Window Setup, this will show you multiple options which you can use to customize your door locks: Auto Door Lock, Auto Door Unlock, Key and Remote Unlock Mode, Keyless Lock Answer Back, Security Relock Timer. Select which option you would like to configure and follow the onscreen prompts. For example, if you select Auto Door Lock you can decide when the vehicle’s doors will automatically lock— either when the vehicle reaches approximately 10 mph or when the vehicle shifts into park.


Program Radio Presets

On your Civic’s touchscreen:

  1. Press Audio
  2. Select the radio station you’d like to preset
  3. Select the numbered preset you want to assign to that station (Note: you have up to 12 radio presets available)
  4. Press and hold the preset number until you hear a beep


2018 Honda Civic Audio Controls

To display your Civic’s audio controls directly onto your dashboard for easy viewing:

  1. Press the information button on the left side of your steering wheel until you see the music icon on the dashboard
  2. Press enter
  3. Use the up and down arrows on the steering wheel to change the audio source — AM, FM, or Satellite
  4. Use the left and right arrows on the steering wheel to change the preset number
  5. Use the up and down buttons to the right of the preset buttons to change the volume


Have any questions? Stop by South Bay Honda in Milpitas! Joemar or another member of our service team will walk you through the steps to pair your phone, as well as how to configure your radio and door lock settings. They can also show you what other incredible features are available in the 2018 Honda Civic.