2018 Honda CR-V: Connect Phone to Bluetooth, Set Door Locks, Audio Controls and More


Recently a new Honda CR-V owner stopped by our Honda showroom asking for help. She had just purchased a 2018 Honda CR-V from another Honda dealer, her first new car in twelve years, and was overwhelmed by the technology. “I’m resistant to change,” she said. “But I know I shouldn’t be.”

She purchased a 2018 Honda CR-V because of its top notch ratings — US News ranked it the #1 Compact SUV, the #1 SUV with 2 Rows, the #1 Crossover SUV, and the winner of the 2018 Best Compact SUV for the Money and Best Compact SUV for Families. She knew she’d made the right choice and wanted to make the most of it. “Start me off with the basics,” she said. So we did. We showed her how to use a few of the most basic features in the 2018 Honda CR-V and made a short video to help all Honda CR-V owner make the most of their new Honda.

Set up Bluetooth for iPhone and Android Phones

How to pair your smartphone to your Honda CR-V

  1. On your CR-V touch-screen press Settings > Bluetooth / Wi-Fi > Bluetooth Device List > Add Bluetooth Device
  2. On your smartphone press Settings > Bluetooth
  3. On your CR-V touch-screen press Continue. Once you press Continue your CR-V will search for your smartphone, this may take a moment.
  4. Select your phone from your CR-V touch-screen once it appears.
  5. When your phone is selected a 6-digit number will appear on your phone and on your touch-screen. Make sure the numbers match, then from your smartphone press Pair > Allow. By pressing Allow, you permit your CR-V to access your phone’s contacts, which is necessary for handsfree communication.
  6. On your CR-V touch-screen you’ll be asked whether or not you want to turn on Honda Assist. Although it’s optional, we strongly recommend turning it on because Honda Assist will contact emergency services for you in the event of a collision. It’s one of Honda’s many safety systems that actively works to keep you safe.
  7. If you have Apple CarPlay, at this point your smartphone will ask you to Allow Apple CarPlay to be turned on. Do so now and your CR-V touch-screen will display your iPhone apps using the same icons that display on your iPhone. Apple CarPlay makes it even easier to navigate your CR-V touchscreen by using a familiar interface.

Program Radio Presets

How to set your radio station presets on your Honda CR-V

  1. On your CR-V touch-screen press Audio
  2. Use the Tune button arrows to find the station you want to save
  3. Select and Hold one of the pre-programmed buttons until you hear a beep
    Note: The pre-programmed buttons are the buttons labeled 1 thru 12 on the bottom of the Audio screen.

Customize Honda CR-V Door Lock Settings

How to set your custom door lock settings on your Honda CR-V

  1. On your CR-V touch-screen press Settings > Vehicle > Door / Window Setup
  2. From this screen, you may select the function you’d like to change
  3. Select Auto Door Lock to set your door lock preferences. Choose from one of three options:
      • Auto lock doors when you hit a certain speed
      • Auto lock doors when you shift from park
      • Turn off auto door lock

2018 Honda CR-V: Controls

How to use the audio controls on your Honda CR-V from the touch-screen

  • To turn the radio on or off press the knob labeled VOL AUDIO
  • To raise or lower the volume turn the VOL AUDIO knob
  • To change from FM to AM or to another source, press Source > then select what you’d like to switch to (eg., Pandora, AM, Sirius, etc)

How to use the audio controls on your Honda CR-V from the left side of the steering wheel

  • Press the Up or Down arrow to change the Source
  • Press the Left or Right arrow to change the radio station presets
  • Press the Plus or Minus buttons to raise or lower the volume


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to stop by our Milpitas Honda dealership for assistance. It doesn’t matter if you purchased your Honda from us, we’re here to help make sure all Honda owners get the most of their new Hondas.

Happy driving!