2018 Honda HR-V: Connect Phone to Bluetooth, Set Audio Controls and More

With seating for five, the 2018 Honda HR-V is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordably priced, subcompact-crossover SUV with one exceptional fuel economy — 28mpg combined EPA rating.* The HR-V may technically be a subcompact, but with nearly 60 cubic feet the HR-V manages to offer the type of smart storage Hondas are known for. Its flat-folding front-passenger seat and flip-up Magic Seat make it easy to stow larger and longer items.

S Available in three trims — LX, EX, EX-L Navi — the 2018 Honda HR-V is versatile, stylish, and bold. It is certainly worthy of a test drive and definitely worth getting to know. Allow South Bay Honda service team member Joemar to introduce you with this quick tour as he covers a few FAQs on the sporty, spacious 2018 Honda HR-V.

Set up Bluetooth for iPhone and Android Phones

Pairing your phone to your vehicle is a must these days. When your phone is paired you’ll have handsfree access to all your phone’s contacts so you can make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages. When your phone’s connected you stay connected.

  1. On your HR-V’s digital display press Settings > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Device List > Add Bluetooth Device
  2. On your smartphone press Settings > Bluetooth
  3. On your HR-V’s digital display press Continue
    [Your HR-V will now search for your phone. This may take a couple minutes.]
  4. Once your HR-V locates your phone, then on your HR-V’s digital display press your phone’s name (eg, Joe’s Phone)
  5. After selecting your phone’s name, a six-digit number will appear on your HR-V’s digital display as well as on your smartphone; make sure the numbers match
  6. If the numbers match, then on your smartphone press Pair > Allow
    [By pressing Allow you permit your HR-V to access the contacts in your phone]
  7. On your HR-V’s digital display you’ll be asked if you want to turn on HondaLink Assist. When turned on HondaLink Assist will automatically contact emergency services in the event of a vehicle crash. It is not required but we strongly recommend doing so.
  8. After turning HondaLink Assist ON or OFF you’ll see one final screen: Automatic Phone Synch. On this screen press On. This will synch your phone’s contacts to your HR-V and finalize the phone pairing process.

Program Radio Presets

Get the most out of the HR-V’s sound system by presetting your favorite radio stations so you may easily access your favorite tunes and enjoy the ride.

  1. On your HR-V’s digital display press Audio
  2. On the Audio menu use the Tune forward or back arrows to find the radio station you want
  3. Once you locate the radio station you want, select and hold one of the radio station preset numbers until you hear a beep
    [You have 12 different preset buttons. These preset buttons run along the bottom of the digital display.]

2018 Honda HR-V: Audio Controls

There are couple different ways to access the HR-V’s audio controls — from the digital display or from the steering wheel.

To access audio controls from the digital display…

  1. Press the Power button located on the top left of the display, to the left side of the CD drive
  2. Use your preset buttons or the Tune forward or back arrows to find the radio station you want
  3. Press the plus sign to raise the volume or the minus Sign to lower the volume
  4. Press the Source button on the display screen to change the audio input (eg., FM, AM, Sirius, etc.)

To access audio controls from the HR-V steering wheel…

  • The HR-V audio controls are located on the left hand side of the steering wheel
  • To change the source, press the circular button labeled Source
  • To change the preset, press the left or right arrows
  • To change the volume, press the plus sign to raise the volume or the minus sign to lower the volume

If you have any questions feel free to stop by our South Bay Honda dealership in sunny Milpitas. Meet with Joemar or another member of our Honda service team and we’ll help answer any questions you may have about the 2018 Honda HR-V and set you up with a Honda test drive.

See you in the showroom!

*Based on 2018 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.