2018 Honda Odyssey: Connect Phone to Bluetooth, Set Door Locks, Audio Controls and More

The Honda Odyssey is one of America’s top-selling minivans, and for good reason. Kelley Blue Book named the 2018 Odyssey one of the 12 Best Family Cars of 2018* and U.S. News deemed the Odyssey 2018’s Best Cars for the Money and 2018’s Best Cars for Families**. If you’re an owner of a 2018 Honda Odyssey, you made the right choice.

At South Bay Honda we want you to get the most out of your award-winning Honda, that’s why our service team member Joemar put together a brief how to video on how to use some of the Honda Odyssey’s most popular features. Learn how to pair your phone using Bluetooth, and how to set your door lock preferences, radio presets, and audio controls.

If you need any help with what’s covered in the video or have questions about other key features in the Honda Odyssey, just stop by our Milpitas Honda dealership and we’ll go over everything you’d like to know.

*Minivan category. For More information, visit KBB.com. Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book company inc.
**Minivan category. View U.S. News best cars www.usnews.com/cars

Set up Bluetooth for iPhone and Android Phones

California’s hands-free cellphone laws are a good thing. The less distractions we have on the road the better, but that doesn’t mean communication stops when you enter your car. To safely access your favorite cell phone features while driving, simply pair your phone to your Odyssey via Bluetooth. Here’s how:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings menu and turn on Bluetooth
  2. On your Honda Odyssey’s Display screen, press Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Connect New Device
  3. On your phone, select Handsfree Link (Note: this may take a couple seconds to appear on your phone)
  4. Once Handsfree Link is selected, your cell phone number will appear on your Honda’s Display screen, and you’ll be prompted to verify your number. Verify your number then press the Pair button on your phone and Display screen.
  5. On your Display screen, select the data that you want to connect (e.g., Audio, Phone text messages, Internet Tethering) and press Connect > Continue > Enable

Customize 2018 Honda Odyssey Door Lock Settings

The Odyssey makes it easy to set your door lock settings. You can choose to have the doors lock when you shift out of park or when you hit a certain speed. You can even choose to turn them off. Here’s how:

  1. From the Display screen, press Settings > Vehicle > Door Setup (Note: you may have to scroll down the list)
  2. Select the feature you want to modify, such as Auto Door Lock
  3. Then select your preference and press save

Program Radio Presets

Easily save your favorite AM and FM radio stations by setting radio presets. Here’s how to set radio presets in a Honda Odyssey:

  1. From your Display screen, select AM or FM
  2. To find the station you want to save, select Tune and from the number pad that pops up enter the station numbers
  3. Then, press and hold one of the preset icons to save the station

2018 Honda Odyssey Audio Controls

The Honda Odyssey has a couple audio control options:

  1. To access your audio controls from your display screen: Use the manual knob labeled Vol Audio. Push the knob in to turn the radio on or off, turn the knob left or right to turn the volume up or down
  2. To access your audio controls from your steering wheel: On the left side of the steering wheel press the forward or backward arrows to change the radio station preset, press the up or down arrows to change the source (e.g change from AM to FM), press the plus button to increase the volume or the minus button to lower the volume

Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call or stop by South Bay Honda in Milpitas. We can meet with you one-on-one and help you pair your phone to your Odyssey, as well as set your door lock, radio, and audio settings.

Happy driving!