Honda Safety Recalls

Not all “Recalls” are urgent, but most should be handled promptly and by a Honda professional. In fact, only a Honda Certified Service Center is capable of properly satisfying a Recall issued by Honda.

A “Recall” is issued when Honda determines that a group of vehicles may not meet the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. If there is a defect, it should be inspected and/or addressed. South Bay Honda can perform these corrective actions at no cost to you!

South Bay Honda can help you research if your vehicle is subject to any current recalls. Additionally, you can visit the Honda Recall Lookup web page to research recalls yourself.

Honda Service Campaigns

These are less critical “Campaigns”, whereby Honda contacts owners to alert them that a specific component or technical issue should be addressed to enhance the overall Honda experience and meet your expectations for your vehicle. As with “Safety Recalls”, South Bay Honda is generally authorized to complete Service Campaign work at no cost to you!

If you’d like to know if any current Honda Service Campaigns apply to your vehicle, please contact South Bay Honda’s Service Department and ask to speak with a Honda Service Advisor.